We assist women in their recovery by providing a structured living  environment and supportive activities during the transitional period between primary treatment and returning home or establishing a new home.

FOCUS values a client’s complete life, including family, community, culture, value systems, spiritual traditions, and integration within the real world.



  • Women in early  recovery need time to heal and time to develop a strong base in recovery using concepts of community and the principles of the twelve steps.
  • Every woman has the capacity to live a fully enriched and empowered life, and to make effective choices for optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health.

While living at FOCUS, residents are required to apply recovery tools as a framework for their lives.  We offer structure and support through the following groups and workshops:

Accountability Groups – these groups are designed to help participants take responsibility for their personal recovery, weekly goals, objectives and meeting Focus-program requirements.  Each participant is assigned to a group upon admission and is required to attend weekly meetings during her stay.

Beginners Group – this group is held on a weekly basis and focuses on introduction to the rules and requirements of the Focus program, an overview of the 12-step program and learning to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

12- Step Literature Study Group –Alumni members and volunteers led this group on Thursday nights to spend time reviewing and discussing the 12 steps of recovery.  This allows former participants and women in recovery to share their experience, strength and hope with the program’s current participants.

Women in Recovery Group – this group is held on a weekly basis and focuses on a variety of topics to help ensure lasting recovery.  Some of the groups led are relapse and relapse prevention, risks of recovery, co-dependency, spirituality, healthy boundaries and healthy relationships.

Art Therapy – Art therapy is a form of creativity used as an outlet for aggression, depression, complacency and any other mood debilitating disorders.  There is a multiplicity of ways how art therapy healthily helps the addict or alcoholic in recovery. It encourages the individual through creative expression, a safe, indirect, and fun way of healing their sufferings.

Strengthening Families Program – consists of groups, workshops and education on how addiction impacts the family, as well as guiding family members to understand the recovery process for their loved ones while participating in the FOCUS program.  Family members will learn how to identify issues and receive support so that they too can begin their own recovery process. 

Financial Literacy –  this group consists of workshops and education on rebuilding credit as well as basic budgeting skills to teach our participants how to become financially responsible members of society.

Skills to Succeed –  job skills readiness program that consists of coaching in career development, professional image, job applications, resume building and interviewing skills to enable our participants to become gainfully employed.