Remarkable Stories and Videos

Dwan Smith

DwanI was raised in Tuskegee, Alabama.  I had the privilege of becoming a resident at FOCUS on Recovery in the summer of 2010.  Most of my adult life was centered around drugs and alcohol.  In 2002, I became a Licensed Practical Nurse.  Shortly after, my appetite for partying and drug usage heightened because of the increase in salary and my new found friends.  I graduated from doing drugs on occasion to every day usage.  My life was out of control.  I was basically unemployable.  I had a job, but I was incapacitated and counterproductive due to addiction.  When I got to FOCUS in August 2010, I was empty, angry, and bitter.  FOCUS taught me that it wasn’t so much the drugs and alcohol.  They were mere symptoms of a bigger problem.  I had a problem with living life on life terms. 

While at FOCUS, I learned conflict resolution.  I was given a safe environment to grow in.  Today, I am accountable for my actions.  I learned at FOCUS that a defensive attitude is a road block to success.  I talk less and listen more now.  I’ve been gainfully employed at Princeton Baptist Medical Center for 1 ½ years in dietary service.  I take pride in my life now and I strive to do my very best at every thing I do.  I am grateful to FOCUS on Recovery for helping me gain my life back!  FOCUS offers a stable environment for growth, pounds of tough love therapy and hope for the future.  FOCUS taught me how to develop meaningful relationships with other women and for that I am truly grateful.  My life has changed for the better in so many ways due to my stay at FOCUS.  I lost 50lbs since leaving FOCUS.  I contribute my weight loss success to everything I learned at FOCUS.  I recommend FOCUS on Recovery to any female that is truly serious about changing her life.  FOCUS certainly changed mine.

When I got to FOCUS, the board of Nursing had my license in suspension status.  By meeting the requirements of this program and staying clean and sober one day at a time, I was able to get my license back.  I learned while at FOCUS, that miracles do come true.


Christy Curvin

Cristy Curvin2I grew up in an alcoholic/addicted family.  I thought that it was normal.  I was raised by a single parent who I saw get physically abused all of my childhood.  When I was thirteen one of her boyfriends sexually abused me.  I started getting in trouble in school and hanging out with a bad crowd.  When I was fifteen I got drunk for the first time.  Then my senior year of high school I started drinking every weekend.  When I was nineteen I got in a relationship with an abusive alcoholic and my drinking was everyday.  That relationship was over at twenty-one and a new one started with drugs.  When I was twenty three I moved to Alabama to get away from drugs.  I was dry for a couple of years and had my son.  Life was good, I thought.  I started using drugs.  A few years later I married an addict.  In September of 2009 we got arrested for distribution and manufacturing of a controlled substance.  I lost my son and went to jail on a million dollar bond.  I got sent to rehab and from rehab to FOCUS on Recovery.  Still on a million dollar bond.

With the help of Chris Sidle Foundation, 8 months at FOCUS On Recovery, meetings and sponsorship, I have lived through hard times, bad times and tragedy sober! Now sober for twenty months, my son is with me, I am at home with my sober husband living life on life’s terms, one day at a time.


Anna WilabayAnna Wilaby

My name is Anna.  I came to FOCUS directly out of an inpatient treatment facility for my struggle with addiction as a meth addict.  I was a broken 29 year old woman seeking a new way to live.  I abused drugs and alcohol for 10 years. I had lost almost everything when I decided to try treatment because I couldn’t live another day on the path I had chosen. Living clean and sober seemed impossible until I came to FOCUS.  I had an amazing group of women surrounding me, supporting me, and holding me accountable everyday.  I learned to be a productive member of society and how to rebuild broken relationships.  I recently graduated from college and have a job doing what I love. The time I spent at FOCUS is very precious to me. Going to FOCUS on recovery is the best decision I ever made.